I had just finished getting ready, I was going to have a relaxing night at home, drink some wine watch some new porn. I love dressing up, it always makes me feel so horny, that is the reason that i cross dress. It is purely for the sexual feelings, i am very submissive, and i love to please men.
Having just poured a glass of wine and sitting down on the couch, turning on the TV and the DVD player. The phone rang, i looked at the caller ID it was Jim, he lived right across the street from me, Jim is in his late fifties, large belly and about six foot. To be honest Jim is a totla pig and an asshole. He is always making rude remarks about the women in the neighbor hood, or the young girls. Always complaining about things in the neighbor hood. The guy is an ass, Well i figured he was calling because it was a Sat night and he wanted to borrow my drive way, that way his friends wouldnt park in the street, he has poker games on Sat.
So i picked up trying not to walk around for fear that he will hear my five inch heels clicking on the hardwood floor. So i see the slut is at it agian tonight? I said excuse me Jim who are you talking about? YOU!!!! is all he said? I have been watching you, I know what you are up to, so is your male friend stoping by tonight? Your a dirty little fuck slave, I watched him tie up up last night and have his way with you. By the way thats a sexy little pink dress you have on. My mind was spinning my heart racing. Fuck what do i do now, how did he know. I was starting to sweat. What are you talking about Jim, i said agian.. Fuck how does he know. You left your blinds open last night, and agian tonight, and on several other nights. Shit, i can’t believe i did that as i looked up and out my front window, there was Jim standing in his. What do you want Jim i said?
I want you to hang up and unlock your front door, then i want you to go to the couch and get on your knees facing the couch, hands behind your back, and wait for me, Do you understand slut? Yes Jim i said. I did as told my mind racing i was scared to death. All i can remember is hearing my five inch heels as they clicked across the floor. Then kneeling with my hands behind my back i waited. it seemed like forever before i heard the front door. Then hearing it slam shut and then both locks click. He walked in as he looked at me kneeling as told. Very good slave you can follow directions. He held a big black leather bag, as he set in on the end table next to him. he sat right in front of me, legs spread.
Well as i see it, you have two choices, One is you do as i say when i say and your secret of dressing up like a slut stays a secret. Or i let everyone in the neighbor hood know what a sissy slut you really are? Well whats it going to be, if it’s the first you will awnser Yes Master, if not then you will get up walk to the door and open it. I leave and the neibor hood finds out you like wearing womens clothes and entertaining men. icould hardley catch my breath, my heart was beating so fast. I sat there on my knees i only had one choice, Yes Master i will do what ever you ask! Very good slut as he sat up standing infront of me, stand now! Yes Master. I did as told, as master reached into his bag, pulling out a pink leather choker, it said something on it, but i couldnt read it. it was placed around my neck, and he tighted it. Then the matching wrist cuffs where placed on my wrists and then the ankle cuffs. Then he pulled out a spreader bar wich was placed between my ankles, then he cuffed my wrists together. It was then that i realized i couldnt move, and that i had know idea what he was going to do with me. I was scared to the point my eyes were starting to tear up. He turned from the bag as he placed a large ball gag into my mouth. Oh my god iam truly his slave he can do what ever he wants with me, i have no choice but to do it.
I had never been completly tied up like this, Just my wrists but i was always able to move, now i am just standing here tied and bound, i am afraid to move fearing i’ll fall in these five inch heels. Master stood next to me, his hand sliding up my stocking’s on my inner thigh, my short pink mini dress doesnt conceal much. As he leans into me wispering, his hand reaches my hardening clit, i am small fulley hard oly five inches. master wispers into my ear i see your enjoying this, i couldnt hide it i was hard. I tried to say yes master but it was just muffled by the ball gag. He just laughed at me. I know you love being spanked, i have seen you. I also know how much you love sucking cock, and getting fucked. You will learn to love your Masters hard cock, and you will get pleasure from it. Your mine now slut, your my little slave and ill do what ever i want with you! As he said that my body shook, as my clit twiched and i orgasmed in my little silk string bikini panties. they where soaked now.
There is a punishment for cuming without being told to. Master then hiked up my dress, i stood there in my mini dress hiked around my waist my white pantyhose tights and my pink panties. There is a punishment for wearing pantyhose as well slut. He walkedto his bag, he pulled out this stick, then he pulled it out it was long and thin. Oh my go he is going to cane me. master stoped, then said i dont want you grabbing your ass, i want you to know what a true punishment is, he then put a leather strap thru my arms it pulled my elbows close together.
Master stood behind me all i heard was the wistle of the cane then felt the harshest sting on my ass that i have evr felt. Over and over my ass stung so bad Master was relentless. I didnt think i could take much more. Then just when i thought it was over Master put the cane down and got out a cat-o-nine tails he now stood infront of me, and over and over again he swated my clit, now i was growing hard again, and he could tell. do not cum slut or ill cane that ass again. I was by now crying as my ass hurt so bad and now my clit but i was so turned on. Master then stoped he stood behind me, I could hear my pantyhose rip, i just bought those, then i felt him rip my panties off. My manpussy was then lubed with Ky, and Master inserted a large butt plug. It hurt so bad. I was then placed on my knees, as Master faced me, unzipping his pants, Master revealed to me the biggest cock i had ever seen. Pulling the ball gag from my mouth, You want this dont you slut? Yes Master is all i could say, i did i had never wanted to suck a cock so bad in my life. Master placed it in my mouth, as my head started to bob, taking as much as i could, he watned more as he grabbed my head forcing it into my mouth. Fucking my mouth as i gaged on his huge thick cock. Drool dripping from my mouth, i felt like i was finally owned by a man, or so i thought. Master would hold his cock deep into my mouth as i gaged trying to catch air. Then pulling it out to ram it deep back into me. drool now dripping all over my face plus he would rub his cock over my face. My chest was soaked, then Master said take it all slut drink all my cum, and i felt his cock as it twitched then exploded into my mouth. I tried to swallow it all. i didnt think he would ever stop cumming.
Master then helped me up my face coverd with drool and cum, lead me to my bedroom helped me onto the bed, my wrists where now hooked to the head board. as he pulled my wet panties out he stroked my hard clit, the butt plug still deep in my ass. my silk panties sliding up and down. You may cum when you want slut. I didnt need long and i cried out as i cam into my panties. I must have pleased my Master because he was rock hard again. he placed my cum soaked panties into my mouth and said leave them there. I watched as he lubed his cock, then removed the spreader bar and the butt plug. He lifted my legs and i felt his huge cock sink and spread my man pussy wide open. Master fucked me hard, fast and he was so rough with me. Chocking me at times as his cock pounded into me calling me names. I had never been fucked bare back before, my ass hurt from the caning and the plug now Masters cock is streatching it wide open, he grunted then i felt him, he flooded my man pussy with his hot cum. Master collasped on top of me, his cock still inside of me. He rolled over and untied my wrists, place that plug in your ass and get me a bear slave. Leave those panties in your mouth. I did as told.
Master was leaning gainst the head board, i sat next to him. as i handed him the beer, Now be a good slut and lick my cock clean, Yes Master i did as told. I will be by in the morning slave, wear that blue dress you had on last Tuesday. Yes Master.

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